15 December 2012

Everyday musings: Seventeen

I'm very conscious this is my son's last Christmas living at home - he moves out next Summer.  (Well, that's the theory at least!)  This knowledge colours every moment he's still with us.  I have such a strong sense of how I need to make the most of this time ...


Bags packed, parked
in the hall
by the door.
So much luggage.

I look at you
knowing soon
you will reach for the latch,
take your baggage
with you.

Looking back down the hall
I recall 
we had this carpet laid
soon after you were born.
Now as I stare
at the threadbare square
on the stairs,
feel the floor draw 
my heart down
through my hollowing form,

I see you
to step out
into the bracing air.

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