18 April 2012


The sounds of Summer hum.
We hear the heaviness of perfumed breeze
and bees bestowing kisses
on our soft petal necks, our wrists,
the secret hidden place behind our ears.

Iris, jasmine, rose,
warm scents of spicy musk and bergamot.
Abundant in our blooming,
we're radiant in pinks, yellows, golds,
with hints of star anise and orangeflower.

This heavy curtain opens
onto memories of gardens past.
when God walked near
and Eden's promise not yet spoiled
saw suns rise and stars set
and only turquoise crystal waters fall
in cymbal crashes; songs that say
'Refresh! Renew! And see the angels dance!'

He walks among us, now.
Delights to drink our heady fragrance in,
hungry for our presence.
We are God-made, complete, then
distilled to purity again.
Be bold; unfurl: be beautiful!
Exquisite lilly: no need to gild or spin.

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