9 May 2011


Crimson ooze flows
from open wound.
Slash of cochineal
congeals on tainted psyche
Your innocence robbed,
experienced far beyond your years,
an unstaunchable rage
has aged your young heart.

Hurt spills out,
takes you by surprise.
You cry over it.
Stains your sleeve.

Heart pounding
stone pavements,
you take your leave
and you run.

Run away,
run for cover,
run a company,
run for president,
run anywhere but never dare
to stop and stare.

But one singular promise sustains you, never leaves
and this arctic freeze melts,
your bloody seep turns
into a scarlet banner.

You're running still,
but ribbons stream behind you now,
shimmering in the vermilion sun.

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