10 July 2010

Aunt Bette Laid to Rest

Written on the day of her funeral, 3 June 2010

To me you were beautiful. Exotic. Bright light.
Through a child’s eyes, you SPaRKLeD.
Your jewellery and laughter – musical sounds
as you danced........... toe-twinkled.
Then realisation on coming of age:
The melancholy inside
my adorable, sherry-loving, drink-and-dialling, Aunt.
A million sad truths to hide.
But my favourite memories are the never-ending tea,
the pot always topped up – you, Nelly and me.
The stories of dancing, Murray, Mum, Dad and you,
Twinkled-toed exuberance, in Spangled shoe.
Now the angels embrace you, now you can be
the best that God ever made you to be.
For ever more. Rest. In. Peace.

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